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Coolagon (Cooler Scooter Wagon)

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Coolagon Hitched

The coolagon can be hitched up to a cooler scooter (sold separately), as pictured above or you can attach the telescopic adjustable handle to pull it around manually, as pictured below.

Coolagon Side View

You can attach a seat to the coolagon if desired. Notice that the coolagon has foot pegs as well.

Coolagon Angled View

The coolagon has a strong front steering system for easier mobility.

Coolagon Steering

You can fill the coolagon with a lot of drinks and snacks and drive it or pull it to your event site instead of wrenching your back trying to carry a conventional ice chest.

Coolagon Inside View

Below, is a close up diagram of how the coolagon connects to a powered cooler or the manual handle.

Coolagon Hitching